Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm utterly unpublished right now. As I've only just begun to actually submit my work to publishers that is only a little sad. Give me a year. A year from now I will either be a published author or I will owe you a very bitter rant.
In the meantime, I'm preparing. Writers need an online presence. Even unpublished newbies are asked to list their website or blog in their query letters. And writers who do get published are instantly meant to have a site full of content to entertain their new fans. So, future readers, this is for you. This will be the spot to read about how characters and plot-lines came about and to read about my writing process. (I'll share that as soon as I settle on just one.) It will also be the spot to find my recommendations about other books and to find out what I'm watching on television. (Hint: If Jane Espenson is involved, I'm watching it.) I'll probably round things out with the occasional recipe or super cute photo of my cats.

Today I'm going to give you a song.

Distance Christina Perri with Jason Mraz

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