Thursday, September 13, 2012

A writer.

I think it's time for me to finish introducing myself. It'll probably take a few posts.

I'm a writer. I only discovered that myself a few years ago. There were signs, of course, I've always been a voracious reader and I'm certain my friends will tell you that I relish telling stories a little more than is generally considered healthy. But honest now, who doesn't love that moment when the person you're talking to gets all wide-eyed and exclaims "No, way" and then you get to nod wisely? But I suppose the biggest sign was my interest in EVERYTHING ELSE. In college I changed majors half a dozen times before earning a self-designed B.A. in Environmental Ethics and Public Policy. After graduation, I worked in the campus library and waited tables at a little Italian place while I debated between law school and a graduate degree in public policy. Instead, I took a job teaching outdoor ed. Did you know that slugs have the ability to paralyze their prey? It's gross, but if you touch the tip of your tongue to a slug, your tongue will go numb for several minutes. Anyway, that led me back to school for a Masters in Education. So I spent a year teaching fifth grade and a couple years teaching preschool. This is getting boring, isn't it? The point is, I've studied lots of  things, dated lots of guys and had lots of seemingly random jobs and suddenly it's all validated by my being...a writer. See? It wasn't me being wishy-washy. It was research. Lots and lots of research.

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