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Author Interview-Sotia Lazu

I have a treat today! Author Sotia Lazu stopped by the blog to chat about her super sexy vampire series, the challenges of writing a sequel and the (audio) books on her shelf.

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. Tell us a little bit about Cherry Stem. Where did the idea come from?
Hi. Thanks for having me.

Cherry Stem is the first in a series of three books. The heroine is a vampire who tries to do the best she can with the--immortal--hand dealt to her. Along the way, she meets a dreamy guy; finds answers to questions she didn't know she had, that in turn give birth to more questions; deals with an illegally sexy ex and a not-so-friendly vampire council; and finds herself in the middle of potentially lethal messes.

As for the idea, well, the first couple of lines of the story had been swimming in my head for quite a while, but all I knew was that they'd fit a vampire book. I didn't know what that book would be about, so I started working on what I didn't want it to have. I didn't want a brooding vampire, hating what they'd become. I didn't want a schmoopy romance. I didn't want a heroin who was kick-ass just for the sake of it, to the point of being annoying, but I didn't want a damsel in distress either. Then one day Cherry was born. She had baggage; she didn't like having been turned but was handling it, taking each day as it came; she didn't want emotional attachments but wasn't afraid to deal with her emotions or express her sexuality--she was the woman I wanted to write about. So I did. 
You know I loved it and I can’t wait to read the sequel. How’s it coming along? Is the process any different now that you’ve published the first one? And, most importantly, will we get more Constantine?
You don't know how happy it makes me that you liked the book. The sequel is coming along more slowly than the original did. I have a complete outline and am seven chapters into it, but I keep second-guessing myself. I don't want to let anyone down, I want the characters to be consistent and true to themselves, and I definitely want more free time than I actually have. We will be getting more Constantine, though, so I hope it's worth the wait.

Funny thing about Constantine is that he was never meant to be one of the main characters. I initially had him in mind as the hot yet manipulating and sneaky ex-boyfriend who would be completely out of the picture by the middle of the book, but by the end of his first scene he'd won me over. I may sound a little deranged saying that for a character I created, but that's what happened. The more fleshed out he got, the more I liked him.
Cherry is kind of a wild child. What qualities do you think she has that still allow readers to relate to her?
Cherry is still very human, despite being immortal. She acts from the heart and tries to protect those she cares about. She may not have the strictest moral code, but she adheres to it even when it'd be easier for her to say "Screw it" and go with the flow. She has her body image issues, her men issues--and resulting trust issues--her family issues, but doesn't let any of that dictate who she is or can be. I don't know to what degree readers relate to her but I know I wouldn't mind being more like her or having her as a friend.

Do you have any other projects you’re ready to talk about?

I am actually reworking something I wrote a few years ago. The working title is Office Magic, and it's a paranormal romance. There's a girl, a boy, an e-book that can only be accessible from a specific PC, alter egos, secret feelings, and of course magic. I'll be self-publishing that one once I'm done with the rewrite.

What are you reading lately? Are there any series or authors you’ll drop everything for?
Life's busy with a hubby, a baby, and two dogs all demanding my attention, so there's no time for me to read read. I listen to audio books instead, usually while doing chores or cooking--I'm an amazing cook; just thought I should mention that. I'm currently listening to the second book of the Death's Daughter series by Amber Benson. I'm enjoying it so far, but would drop it for the next of the Harry Dresden books or anything by Richelle Mead. I also adore Megan Hart's writing, but not all of her books come out in audio book format.
Tell us about your favorite:

My very favorite food is lachanodolmades: a mixture of minced meat, rice, and herbs, wrapped in cabbage leaves, cooked, and covered with bechamele cream. I also love Chinese and Mexican cuisine, but there are times when anything fattening and unhealthy, with lots of mayo, will do.

I'm generally easy with movies. The past few years, that life became real, I turned toward rom-coms, liking the secape from everyday life they offer. I do on occasion watch other types of films, though, and one that's really stayed with me is "Interstate 60". Watch it if you haven't already; it's brilliant. Seemingly light, but makes you think.

Vacation Spot:
Eh, since I have the sea and sun most of the year here, I'll say London. I've spent the best vacations of my life there.

Get to know Sotia better at her blog or on Goodreads.

Cherry Stem by Sotia Lazu

Turned at the cusp of a promising career in the adult movie industry, vampire Cherry Stem is currently unemployed but uses the squint, her compelling vampire gaze, on men for her meals and pocket change. With the rent deadline approaching, settling for pocket change isn’t an option. She sets her sights on tall, dark, and handsome Alex Marsden, who takes her home for a night of blistering passion. She doesn't tell him who she is.

Cherry isn’t the only one keeping secrets. Alex is the police detective investigating the disappearance of young women from the local clubs. Like most detectives, Alex has a good memory for faces and Cherry looks familiar. When he finds out she’s a vampire, he goes digging and discovers she's an up-and-coming model who went missing six years before.

When Cherry met Alex, she expected him to be nothing more than another “girl meets boy, girl feeds from boy, girl erases boy’s memories” hook-up. But once missing young women, the vampire council, and her irresistible ex are thrown into the mix, she realizes nothing is as simple or random as she thought it was, and Alex is either the biggest gift or the biggest mistake of her un-life.

You can purchase Cherry Stem at Loose Id. Or on Amazon.


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