Other Awesome Writers

Chances are, if you're on my blog, you love to read. Here are some authors you should get to know:

More coming soon!

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  1. TV is deviant.
    I call it evil.
    and a BigAss wasteOtime.
    What better things
    could ya be doing
    with your finite
    existence on earth?
    1-outta-1 bites-the-dust.
    You know that to be true.
    You should pray,
    pray, pray hard
    for your salvation
    and meet moi Upstairs.
    We gotta lotta tok about
    as we discuss our pennames
    over a kegga beer...
    Dunno. Dijoo wannum?
    Gotta lotta nadda...
    unless you believe.
    God bless you.
    Cya soon in the Great Beyond...


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