Thursday, July 23, 2015

Confession or Introducing A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Hi friends,

I have a confession.

I don't know what to do with this blog. It's purpose, truly, is to discuss book-related news. But sometimes, I just don't have anything to report. Sometimes, I don't have anything to report for long periods of time. (I am working on things, but nothing is ready to be chatted about.)

So what do I do the rest of the time?

For a long time I just posted about other writers' books. That's cool for a bunch of reasons. I like supporting my fellow writers and there are often contests that I think my readers might like to participate in. However, those posts are basically just advertising and they are often identical to posts that can be found on many other blogs. That presents some problems. In fact, some blog-hosting sites will not allow blogs that contain too much material that is identical to other blogs. There are tons of fantastic book blogs that review and participate in blog tours and they do a much better job than I can...because they are not writers. They can review in a more subjective manner, because that's their role in the book world. Where as I am always going to feel a need to maintain friendly relationships with my fellow writers. Seriously, there's nothing like putting a book out into the world to soften your criticism of all other books.

So, if I post about a book, it's going to be something I feel strongly about--something I read and loved and feel the need to shout about from this figurative roof-top. That will happen from time to time, because I do love books. It won't happen enough to maintain a blog.

Which leaves me with the big question of what I will post. It's a question I have been struggling with for quite awhile and clearly I've been over-thinking it. So I'm going to try something new. I'm simply going to write about things I like. Once a week, on Fridays because I like alliteration, I'm going to share a post about a favorite something. It won't necessarily be book-related; expect posts about make-up, recipes, television programs and whatever else catches my fancy that week. I'm going to call the posts #FridayFavorites and hopefully they will lead to some fun conversations.

You can expect the first of such posts tomorrow, when I'll be chatting about eye shadow and a television program about a cannibalistic serial killer. I hope to see you then.


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