Monday, February 10, 2014

Love is All You Need. A Giant Valentine's Day Giveaway.

Valentine's Day: it's easy to be a cynic. Valentine's Day was created by the greeting card and chocolate industries. And I certainly don't think that Valentine's Day provides an excuse to be lazy about your relationships for the rest of the year, but I do think it's nice that once a year we have a day especially set aside to celebrate all the ways love alters us and our lives. I think it's meant to remind us that we should be prizing those relationships all year. 

Now I'm not saying that Valentine's Day needs to be a massive commercial venture. Homemade cards and small but thoughtful gestures can be be the best. So maybe sneak a special treat into your significant other's lunch bag, make them a mix "tape" or get up early and warm the car up before they get in it.Or go all out with rose petals on the bed and a reservation at a nice restaurant. Though, you may want to get on that if you haven't yet. The point is, that big heart on the calender isn't meant to tell you to purchase the requisite flowers and chocolates, it's meant to remind you to take a moment to appreciate your love.* How you do so is entirely up to you.

And please, love is love, feel free to celebrate your friend love or the love you have for your nephew, your mom, your neighbor or your cat. Probably best to avoid celebrating your love for your neighbor's cat. That might get weird. 

I wanted to celebrate the love I have for my readers. When I checked around, I found a bunch of other writers did too. So I set up a giveaway. :) Two lucky readers are going to get a bunch of books.

* This statement is in no way meant to suggest that flowers or chocolates are anything less than lovely, just that if purchased they should be purchased thoughtfully.

So, would you be my Valentine?

 Check out these prize packs!!

There's an adult only pack (you must be 18 or older to enter) and a YA pack (15 and up are welcome to enter). And YES, you are more than welcome to enter both.

Adult Prize Pack
18 Adult and New Adult Romances, a $5 Amazon gift card  and a lovely bracelet!

Just look at all these awesome covers-all these could be yours!

Race to Kill by Rachel Kall

Love And Cupcakes by Susan Bishop Crispell

Men and Martinis by Delancey Stewart

Magic at Work by Sotia Lazu

Death of a Waterfall by Kara Leigh Miller (Signed paper copy, US only)

The Problem With Crazy by Lauren K. McKellar

Main Attraction by Ava O’Shay (Signed paperback, US only)

Changed by You  by Natalie S. Taylor

Yours, For Now by Siren Allen

Breaking the Rules  by Melinda Dozier

Chance by N.M. Lombardi

Operation: Cupid by Allyson Lindt

A Walk in Darkness by Jill Robi

Spiraling by Rachel Cross

Melt My Heart by Rachel Cross, Nicole Flockton, Debra Kayn and Holley Trent

Going Home Again by Abby Cavenaugh

Almost Married by Roe Valentine

At Your Service by Anais Morgan

A Late Thaw by Ana Blaze

1 $5 giftcard from AJ Mathews (Author of Goodbye to You, available from Swoon Romance Fall 2014)

1 "You are mine, and I am yours." book quote bracelet from 
Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa Petreshock 

Pretty, right?

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

YA Prize Pack! 
Eight Incredible Books and a $5 gift card!
Angels, aliens, gymnasts and more! These YA titles are sure to please teen readers and adults.

Adorned by Georgeann Swiger,

Vision of Shadows by Vincent Morrone,

Shadow Born by Nicole Camp,

Secondary Characters by Rachel Schieffelbein,

The Funeral Singer by Linda Budzinski,

Forget Me Not by Stacey Nash,

Balancing Act by Heather Smith,

An Unexpected Hunger by C. Rosa,

1 $5 giftcard from AJ Mathews (Author of Goodbye to You, available from Swoon Romance Fall 2014)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day and Good Luck! 


  1. Oh, for the love of books - that's an awesome giveaway! Grabby hands!!

  2. This is great! I could use some new books!

  3. Super-fabulous giveaway! I love books ... I'll be happy if my only company on Valentine's Day this year would be a couple of good ones!

  4. So many awesome books up for grabs! Love it!

  5. So many books! I would be in heaven!


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