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Interview with Barbara Garren, Author of Phasms: Infinite Potential.

Interview with Barbara Garren.

Get to know Babara and her new book, Phasms: Infinite Potential

·         What is your favorite board game? Card game?

       I’m not really into board games, but my husband and I have a game of Rummy that we’ve been keeping track of for almost 7 years. We play to 500 or a thousand, but keep track of who is ahead overall. The funny thing is, whenever we count up all the tick marks we end up being pretty even. 

·         When writing, do you share chapters with friends or beta readers as you go or do you keep your projects secret until they are complete?

       I share with one CP as I go along – usually chapter by chapter, but I have another CP who gets the whole project when I think I’m done with it. They each provide different types of feedback and this is what has worked best for us. It just evolved this way, and I would imagine different writers and their CP’s would work out their own process, as suits their needs. When I’ve made the first round of changes, I send to both of these friends, as well as a few other trusted Beta’s. I don’t share with friends or family until I think it’s ready to query or publish.

·         Do you have any special talents? (Singing, dancing, juggling, gardening, etc.)  
      LOL – no. I have none. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, can’t play any instruments, can’t paint or draw. I used to run really, really long distances (marathons and ultra’s) but a knee injury 3 years ago has pretty well put an end to that. I do make amazing soup – of any kind. I guess that’s it. 

·         What was your favorite subject at school?  

         I’d have to say math. I hated it at first and thought I was just dumb, but once I realized it was like a big puzzle waiting to be solved, I really got into it. I do math problems in my head for fun, or to prove I can. I loved physics too, and took AP physics as an elective, cuz I’m weird like that. 

·         Please share a favorite line from your newest book. 
       Hmmm – okay, this is from Captive Potential, Phasms Volume 2: “Aiden shrugged, and it was that motion, that inconsequential and dismissive movement that made me realize we really didn’t know each other at all.”

   Check out this special excerpt from: Infinite Potential, Phasms Volume 1

JAMIE’S NOT WITH ME on the beach. My arms and legs feel loose and disjointed. I walk along the edge of the water, picking up starfish and easing them back into the ocean, the waves pulling them back to their normal depth.
I look up, gasp, and jump back. Strange people float by me, inches off the ground, yet their feet leave shallow impressions in the sand. Their limbs are lean and graceful.
They remind me of the ballet lessons I took as a little girl. They wear loose, flowing clothes that move gently in the still air. Their skin has a soft warm glow, an iridescence that highlights their features: straight brows, fine jaws, and sensuous lips. The men are every bit as beautiful as the women. Some more so.
Their voices are soft, yet eerie with longing and desire. They pass, slowing to look at me, their hands resting gently on my shoulder before pushing off. Their thoughts, wishes, and desires swirl inside my chest. No two are alike, and each fills me with images of things I’ve never known. I think they are praying, but it’s no prayer I’ve heard or read. It’s more a sense, a feeling of what they long for, of what they have lost or seek, what they have never known and always known. What they hope to find.
Hundreds pass me, filling me with an ache, a loneliness of never finding, never knowing what they are. I look up as the last one pauses before me, familiar in all his strangeness. He’s tall and dark with features both beautiful and fierce. His mouth twists, threatening and tender, at the same time he reaches toward me with both hands.
Unlike the others, he stands square in front of me with both hands on my shoulders. His eyes have no pupils, no depth, yet no end of depth. He opens his mouth, revealing teeth that are even and white. Everything about him is achingly familiar, strong, and masculine. And alone.
The agonizing ache of loneliness creeps through his hands, along my shoulders, falling into the pit of my stomach, echoing how I feel. I stumble to my knees and he falls with me, his eyes locking with mine. He struggles, his mouth twisting, one hand cupping my face. His brow furrows, an inky wetness filling his eyes before he’s thrown back, yanked away by an invisible force.
He climbs to his knees, straightens, and stands. Pain and anguish radiate from him, mirroring my own feelings. He reaches a hand toward me once more, cries out in silence, and shimmers from my sight.

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