Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

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Wow. I'm going to say that again: wow. 2013 was a wild year for me. One year ago today, I had signed my first publishing contract but I hadn't even begun the editing process. I had no idea what I was in for there. :) Now, a quick glance at Goodreads will show that I have four titles out there in the world. FOUR! Okay, one of them is a freebie, but it's a cute little story that I'm proud to share with readers nonetheless.

It's been a wild ride and sometimes it still seems unreal, but I've learned a great deal and made some wonderful friends. Who knew the romance writing world would be so incredibly warm and welcoming?

This is starting to sound like bragging and that is not my intent. What I want to say at the end of this wild year, and before I begin a new one, is thank you.

  •  Thanks to all the readers, bloggers, fellow writers, editors and publishers who helped me get my stories out into the world. 

  •  Thank you to each and every person who left a review on Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Kobo, Audible or Goodreads (yes, even the ones who didn't like the story). You are all part of a wonderful community that keeps books alive. 

  •   Thank you to my husband, for being the best part of my happily ever after. 

  •  Thank you to my family and friends for all their support. I couldn't do it without you.


    Best wishes to you all for a fabulous 2014!!!

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