Friday, August 30, 2013

#FridayFrenzy Twitter Pitch Workshop.

Hi everyone! Entranced Publishing will be having a twitter pitch part on Friday, September 6th. This is a great way to catch the eye of an editor and cut a short-cut through the slush pile. Entranced Publishing has signed a few authors that first pitched via twitter in the past, so it is definitely possible to get a publishing contract this way. 

The Important Facts:

You must follow @EntrancedPub.

Your pitch needs to end with the tag #FridayRomance.

Your pitch must be for an adult romance- all heat levels are acceptable.

Entranced Publishing does publish YA, but this event is strictly about the grown-up stuff. 

Want to know more about what Entranced is looking for? Check out their Submission Guidelines here.

Does the idea of compressing your story into a 140 character tweet terrify you?

No worries, there are lots of Entranced authors willing to help. I'm one of them. My biggest piece of advice: don't wing it. Plan out your tweet. Double check that you are using the correct there and your. The casualness of Twitter can make it too easy to forget that you are trying to impress an editor. So write out your possible twitter pitches and then hone them into perfection. 

I'm one of a bunch of Entranced authors offering up their blogs as workshop sites.
Here’s how the workshop works:

1) You post your maximum 140 character query in a comment using this formula:

Query-(Your Book Blurb-the paragraph that would appear on the back of the book):
Twitter Pitch(es):

2) I give you feedback on it. (You'll probably also get some feedback from another Entrancie or two-we stick together.)

3) You give feedback to two other people who have posted their queries – remember,
what goes around comes around. (Yes, if you're one of the first couple of people you are going to have to check back to do this. :))

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