Friday, December 28, 2012


So we're in that dark period between television seasons and I find myself daydreaming about the many excellent programs whose return I am eagerly awaiting. I decided to make a list. I am NOT going to put these in order. (It would be like picking which of my cats I like best. Wrong and bad.)

Oh, and yes, this will be a long list. 

Once Upon a Time
I adore this show. Rumple rocks my world. And now they've added the most charismatic Hook ever.
Luckily Once Upon a Time returns soon.

Some of my other faves are making me wait. The worst offender: Sherlock. Yes, I understand why and I'm thrilled that these two fine actors are finding such success. But still...we may not see more Sherlock until 2014!!! Arghh!

Which brings me to another long wait but totally worth it show: Downton Abby. Here in the US, we are finally getting the new season early next month. I might make it.

But I'm hearing rumors that this will be Dan Stevens final season! What? Noooo!

I love me some Matthew Crawley.

The Christmas special has me buzzing with excitement for part two of season seven with the eleventh Dr. :)

Now, folks that know me know that I'm a wimp about scary movies and yet...The Walking Dead is still too good to resist.

Still many months to go before we find out what Bill is now on True Blood.

Who else loves the way Eric became the good one?

Now we're moving on to my guiltier pleasures. First up: The Vampire Diaries.

 I tried to resist but look:

le sigh.

And finally, the oh so adorable Hart of Dixie. I may have a crush on Rachel Bilson. How cute is she, right?


I rest my case. 

 I'm going to stop here-though there are still plenty of other shows that I watch. These are the ones that I'm most craving today.
What are you all watching?


  1. I live in Ireland but 99.9% of what I watch is through UK TV channels via satellite.

    I won't say anything about Downton Abbey as you haven't seen the latest series or Christmas Special yet, but I am looking forward to the next series of Doctor Who with the new assistant.

    I wasn't a fan of Amy Pond. I don't know why, I just thought it was a bit weird to have an assistant who was married. It's Doctor Who's 50th anniversary in 2013, which is quite an achievement. My first Doctor was Tom Baker (yes, I'm THAT old) just before he regenerated into Peter Davison.

    What else did I watch this year? A lot of Scandinavian crime drama, which was shown on BBC4 on Saturday evenings. The Killing, The Bridge, and Borgen. All with subtitles!

    I also took a chance on Game of Thrones and got the first series on DVD. It's shown here on a channel I don't get. It was a lot better than I expected, as I'm not a fantasy fan, and I've just pre-ordered series two!

    I also watched series two of Homeland, and it was a huge, daft, disappointment - and I'm not sure if I'll watch series three.

    I'm looking forward to Ripper Street which starts on Sunday on BBC1. It's set in Victorian London shortly after the Jack the Ripper murders.

    I'm also watching Love Hate DVD and re-runs of Frasier!

  2. Ooh-Game of Thrones! Yes! I forgot to mention Game of Thrones. How did I forget that Winter is Coming?

  3. Le sigh sigh about Ian Somerhalder. Sadly, I don't watch a lot of TV....looks like I'm missing out.

  4. Oh wow...I watch too much TV... Okay I will include Dr. WHO (Souffle-Girl may be my favorite companion of all time!), VampD, TB, WD, OUAT- and GoT. But I will add...

    Supernatural, Being Human, Lost Girl, Grey's, Priv. Prac., Body of Proof, Fringe (I'm crying because this is their last season!), Revolution, Mob Doctor (which is back on thanfully!) Haven, GRIMM, Teen Wolf (suprisingly good!), Castle, Am. Horror Story (jessica Lang rocks this show!), Major Crimes, Arrow, Beauty & the Beast, Suits, Franklin and Bash, The Glades, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Rissoli & Ives (season just ended) and believe it or not I know I'm forgetting some. :).

    I watch...too much TV...

    1. Warehouse 13! See? I knew I was forgetting some...


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