Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Greetings.

I love the holiday season. I start itching to put up my Christmas decorations in mid-November, I actually enjoy those commercials where classic holiday tunes are rerecorded with altered lyrics about shopping at various stores and I consider wrapping presents an excellent creative outlet. Seriously, you should see my ribbon curling skills. I don’t want to brag, but if there were awards for ribbon curling…yeah, this post just took a weird turn. 

The point is I also understand why many people fall victim to holiday stress. Going to holiday parties, hosting holiday parties, finding the perfect (because it really does always have to be perfect) present for your loved ones, traveling to visit said loved ones or opening your home to guests who traveled to visit you-it can all add up. 

I’m going to suggest that, even though the season has added a thousand things to your to-do-list, you take a little time for yourself. Watch a great movie (I like Love Actually!), curl up with some hot cocoa and a word search, take a bubble bath or treat yourself to sexy, new book. Love and Other Games is pretty much awesome and on sale for only 99 cents right now, but I’ll avoid the hard sell here. My goal is to encourage you to relax a little and enjoy yourself. You’ll be in a much better place to make everyone else’s holiday jolly as well.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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